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On Working

On Working.


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From New York – More random (3)

My friend and I have just retreated from the shops of 5th Ave to find solace in a quiet cup of coffee sitting outside in Bryant Park. We’ve just agreed that neither of us enjoyed getting “rugged” — retail mugged… that thing that happens only in America when you are besieged by the unrelenting exuberance of a shop assistant hoping you’ll buy.

Growing up my brother and I often found ourselves in an Anne Taylor changing room watching our mother trying on what struck us as 5 identical white blouses. We were unable to help — never convincing enough regarding which one we definitely liked best.

And so I used to be grateful when mom got rugged. Some grown up could gush and run about to grab different sizes to resolve the 5 shirt conundrum — which set my brother and I free to stare at the carpet and wait for the trip to Anne Taylor to eventually come to an end.


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From New York – More random (2)

Manhattan overtaken by Santa-festation today.

At 11 am it just seemed odd to see so many Santas and elves gathering on street corners. By noon we realized there were too many Santas — 4 Santas in a booth having pancakes, a lonely Santa walking ahead of us, a Santa that came running around the corner chasing an elf — for it to be a coincidence.

We met my brother for lunch and he explained …it’s Santa Crawl here in New York today. It’s an annual tradition — all the college kids and “people from Jersey” pile into the City dressed as Santa and his elves and get hammered going from bar to bar.

We thought this was pretty funny.

My brother told us to give it a few more hours before coming to this conclusion.


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From New York – More random than normal (1)

Panic station is reporting live from New York City this weekend. The weekend’s theme?

Small. Random. Thoughts.

Thought 1:

Lately I feel disorganized. On the inside. Emotionally, that is. But apparently disorganized is NOT an emotion.

So am thinking that a good work-around might be to say that I’m in am emotionally disorganized state of mind?

Does anyone know what I’m talking about?


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Panic subsides …

Panic Station would like to SAY THANKS to all its readers. The Panic continues but will make room for a sister site that will steal some of the action over the course of 2012.

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Crime lists

A roundup of some of the best bits that flashed across my screen this morning.

Huffington Post: From Angie Dickinson to Angie Harmon, we look at 19 of the most respected, powerful and badass female television detectives of all time. Best Female Detectives

Top 9 Murder Mysteries on TV 

Longest running crime drama (US) Law & Order; (UK) Taggart

NYU Professor Aurora Wallace likens [crime dramas] to macaroni and cheese: “They are enormously comforting. This is the comfort food of television.”

And looks like everyone has noticed Danish detective Sarah Lund’s sweaters…

From GQ on the Euro crime drama scene …

Compare and contrast this to The Killing, a twisting whodunnit starring a sensibly jumpered detective, which has proved so addictive that a woman on her deathbed, fearing she wouldn’t be around to discover who the killer was, demanded to be informed in advance (no, really). She promptly died after being told, marking perhaps the first time in human history someone was relieved to discover the shock identity of a killer moments before their demise.

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Why we love crime

We need forgiveness and someone to blame. So the story of crime fills our TVs, theaters, cinemas, computer files, and bookshelves. We are fascinated with stories of crime, real or imagined, because we need them to cleanse the modern world from our souls.

So writes Walter Mosley in an article for Newsweek a few years back.

Crime author Pauline Rowson asked the same question as I did in her own blog — and got this response from a fellow writer and blogger, Brenden Allen

The emotional “curve” of what Aristotle described happens in experiencing tragedy, namely catharsis and “cleansing” of built-up tensions in a kind of release and renewal has to be another appeal and very practical function that is served by involving ourselves in mysteries.  Upon returning to our own world after such emotional “flights”, we are  relieved and refreshed in its relative calm (order) and our resulting feeling of contentment–a kind of satiation or fulfillment expressed in the line “All’s right with the world.”

It’s also about the puzzle, Rawson explains, after asking her readers for feedback — which echoes with what Lisa said in response to yesterday’s Panic Station post.

So we enjoy the puzzle. We get a release from the tension. We’re offered someone to blame and we end up with a neat and tidy resolution to a messy state of affairs. I think I can buy these theories. Though there’s also something about exploring the dark side (other people’s and our own) which is what I think draws us in — these other elements of murder mysteries better explain why we keep watching.

What do you think? What’s one of your guilty TV viewings and do you’ve a theory as to why you can’t help watching it?

* * *

For more on this topic, here’s Talk of the Nation sitting down with Mosley and Law & Order executive producer Rene Balcer.

PS. Panic Station really wants your feedback! yes, it’s anonymous!


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