Nathalie also blogs at Counting Zeros where, over the course of 2012, she is re-wiring her relationship with money. You can friend Nathalie on Facebook , follow her on Twitter or send her an email at nathaliehourihan@gmail.com. The views expressed on this blog are her own (or those of guest bloggers.)

Nathalie lives and works in London. By day she’s a researcher and advisor for an international management consultancy on topics related to HR and organizational psychology. By night she writes about a range of topics including the psychology of money, the history of time management and the working lives of artists.

She moved to London in 1996 after completing her BA in History and Politics from Trinity College, Dublin. In 2002 she went back to school to get a degree in Psychology from the University of Westminster. She is qualified to administer the MBTI personality type indicator.

Born in Madison,Wisconsin to Irish parents, Nathalie has lived in the  United States and Ireland before moving to the UK.

Her most favourite things include: her friends & family, bookstores and book binging, expensive red wines, electrical storms and the sea – or in the absence of the sea, other forms of water (a lake, a stream, a fountain) that do not involve Nathalie or her property getting wet. If she were forced to chose a super power she’d be torn between being able to speak every language there is and being able to transport herself to any place in the world with 3 taps of her shoes.


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  1. carmelina

    this is fantastic Nat!!! im so happy youre blogging – it was created for u! Love the simple clean layout requiring effortless navigation, beautiful intro and great first entry……many many happy years of blogging. xxc

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