PS how about no goals?

As coincidence would have it the feed from the blog zenhabits (which appears on Panic Station’s sidebar on the right hand side, half way down the page) echoes some of the points I made in this morning’s goal-less goal post.

Many people set fitness goals for the year. I’ve done it myself, but lately I’ve found that I can get fit without them. For one thing, when you set goals, they are often arbitrary, and so you are spending all your effort working towards a basically meaningless number. And then if you don’t achieve it, you feel like you failed, even if the number was arbitrary to start with.

You can create habits without goals — I define goals as a predefined outcome that you’re striving for, not activities that you just want to do. So is creating a habit a goal? It can be, or you can approach it with the attitude of “it doesn’t matter what the outcome of this habit change is, but I want to enjoy the change as I do it”.

So enjoy the habit change, in the moment, and don’t worry what the outcome of the activity is. The outcome matters very little, if you enjoy the journey.

For the rest of Leo’s compact guide to creating fitness habits, click on the zenhabits link on the sidebar.

And for those of you who suffer from too much goal-setting & a relentless focus on “being more productive” — maybe your New Year’s resolution should be to go goal-less for a 100 days … another suggestion brought to us by zenhabits.



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2 responses to “PS how about no goals?

  1. I’m spending new year considering my last year and recording an album. My goal for 2012 is definitely to do less, enjoy the process, worry less about things and get less busy

    That said achieving the “be less busy” goal will be harder than it sounds.

    I’m not looking to be goalless. More to have the goals make me less strung out and stressed. The goal is to care less about both achieving the goals and enjoy the process of achieving them more.

  2. nathaliehourihan

    “be less busy” has been a life-time goal which I find v difficult to pull off – I blogged something about that earlier this year in me vs boredom (

    … but on the other hand I’ve noticed that the more dis-satisfied I am with myself or my life the more relentless my goal-ing.

    Am hoping the Counting Zeros project will teach me what it means to just follow a process even if I don’t know where it might lead to …

    Your comment also reminded me that looking BACKWARDS is definitely a good thing to do at this time of year

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