From New York – More random (3)

My friend and I have just retreated from the shops of 5th Ave to find solace in a quiet cup of coffee sitting outside in Bryant Park. We’ve just agreed that neither of us enjoyed getting “rugged” — retail mugged… that thing that happens only in America when you are besieged by the unrelenting exuberance of a shop assistant hoping you’ll buy.

Growing up my brother and I often found ourselves in an Anne Taylor changing room watching our mother trying on what struck us as 5 identical white blouses. We were unable to help — never convincing enough regarding which one we definitely liked best.

And so I used to be grateful when mom got rugged. Some grown up could gush and run about to grab different sizes to resolve the 5 shirt conundrum — which set my brother and I free to stare at the carpet and wait for the trip to Anne Taylor to eventually come to an end.



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4 responses to “From New York – More random (3)

  1. I HATE that! I didn’t know there was a word for it. If I’m in two minds about whether to buy something or not, a pushy sales assistant will almost certainly guarantee that I’ll look elsewhere. I was in a shop on Saturday and the same person asked me three times if I’d like any help! If I wanted help I’d ask for it. Humph.

  2. nathaliehourihan

    We made up the word “rugged” trying to work out how best to descibed being over-assisted!

  3. Heidi Barry

    I always tell a pushy salesperson this: “If I wanted a best friend to help me shop, I would have brought her… thanks….”

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