From New York – More random than normal (1)

Panic station is reporting live from New York City this weekend. The weekend’s theme?

Small. Random. Thoughts.

Thought 1:

Lately I feel disorganized. On the inside. Emotionally, that is. But apparently disorganized is NOT an emotion.

So am thinking that a good work-around might be to say that I’m in am emotionally disorganized state of mind?

Does anyone know what I’m talking about?



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4 responses to “From New York – More random than normal (1)

  1. Heidi Barry

    I DO!! I’ve been desperately trying to figure out my purpose in life…

  2. Catherine

    I know the feeling. Your workaround doesn’t quite encapsulate it, but right now I’m too cognitively disorganised to fix it. I think I’ll drink some tea.

    • nathaliehourihan

      How’s about discombobulated? (Sp?) I had a friend in high school who often used this word which at the time seemed ridiculous, but now …

      Again, don’t think it counts as an EMOTION as such —

      I think I may settle on “I am feeling psychologically disorganized and therefore emotionally murky.”

      Alternative phrases or indeed new word coinage (!) — gratefully received.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I find it usually means I’m worrying about something. In extreme cases, I write lists of everything that might be bothering me. I find it helps enormously to reduce things to a tiny, harmless word on a piece of paper, and it’s a relief to know that I don’t have to hold all those things in my head anymore. It’s like transferring them to Tupperware for later use.

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