From New York – More random (2)

Manhattan overtaken by Santa-festation today.

At 11 am it just seemed odd to see so many Santas and elves gathering on street corners. By noon we realized there were too many Santas — 4 Santas in a booth having pancakes, a lonely Santa walking ahead of us, a Santa that came running around the corner chasing an elf — for it to be a coincidence.

We met my brother for lunch and he explained …it’s Santa Crawl here in New York today. It’s an annual tradition — all the college kids and “people from Jersey” pile into the City dressed as Santa and his elves and get hammered going from bar to bar.

We thought this was pretty funny.

My brother told us to give it a few more hours before coming to this conclusion.



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3 responses to “From New York – More random (2)

  1. They do that in London too. They call it Santa Con, which is an americanism so maybe we stole it from you guys.

    I know this because at my old bands final gig our drummer went to Santa Con in the day. He spent his time there wearing a Santa hat and playing his djembe drum, as large groups of Santas got drunk.

    When he arrived at the gig he’d become the pier piper of Santa which resulted on usvhaving an audience that was 50% Santa. Sadly due to his day of drink and drums he was, by the time we were due on stage, too drunk to play. He was like a cd being played at half speed that also keeps skipping. It was so bad it was funny.

    We played a ridiculous gig where our drummer failed to drum but the audience of Santas went wild for us. They reacted like we were playing the best gig ever. It was absurd. What else could we do? We laughed our way through it, in a slightly sad and highly exasperated way.

  2. nathaliehourihan

    I reckon it’s really hard to get mad at a bunch of Santas!

  3. Heidi Barry

    As a bartender and cocktail waitress- this was HELL at the busiest Irish Pub in San Francisco- I hated the drunk Santa crawl…..

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