Crime lists

A roundup of some of the best bits that flashed across my screen this morning.

Huffington Post: From Angie Dickinson to Angie Harmon, we look at 19 of the most respected, powerful and badass female television detectives of all time. Best Female Detectives

Top 9 Murder Mysteries on TV 

Longest running crime drama (US) Law & Order; (UK) Taggart

NYU Professor Aurora Wallace likens [crime dramas] to macaroni and cheese: “They are enormously comforting. This is the comfort food of television.”

And looks like everyone has noticed Danish detective Sarah Lund’s sweaters…

From GQ on the Euro crime drama scene …

Compare and contrast this to The Killing, a twisting whodunnit starring a sensibly jumpered detective, which has proved so addictive that a woman on her deathbed, fearing she wouldn’t be around to discover who the killer was, demanded to be informed in advance (no, really). She promptly died after being told, marking perhaps the first time in human history someone was relieved to discover the shock identity of a killer moments before their demise.


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  1. Heidi Barry

    I started watching The Killing when it began, I had very high hopes….the creepy partner guy was so creepy, I couldn’t continue watching…. and it wasn’t good murder mystery creepy, it was bad acting, unattractive actor creepy…

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