Forget about boredom!

This week has been a reminder that there is something more insipid than boredom.

 t h e     c o m m o n    c o l d

Boredom can be cured, a cold cannot. It’s what’s known as a “self-limiting” virus. Which means we have no control as to when it shall limit itself. Though in fairness, the average cold can’t be bothered with us any more after about a week to ten days.

A cold doesn’t just affect the body — it can infect the mind and the soul. And if, like me, you refuse to lie down and attempt to remain fully functional, then the common cold can trigger a state of mind so peculiar that it manages to stress you out, exhaust you, wreck your concentration and BORE you all at the same time!

But back to just plain boredom …  the topic popped up in last week’s blog because I received an article alleging to be about boredom when it was really about mind-wandering and the two are not the same. What it said was,

“When people are immersed in monotony, they automatically lapse into a very special form of brain activity: mind-wandering”

So doing boring stuff leads to boredom (a lack of interest in our external surroundings). And this can either trigger an interest in our internal world (mind-wandering) or it can lead to a long chat with ourselves about just how bored we really are which, as I mentioned last week, is a dangerously slippery slope towards other nastier existential considerations (Does my life have meaning? If I evaporated tomorrow would it make any difference? And other RHPs*)

So this week-end we will say Non, merci to existential angst and Mais, oui! to mind-wandering. In particular I’ll be revealing boredom’s finer counsins. To find out who they are and why they are well worth knowing tune in tomorrow. 

* Rarely Helpful Ponderings


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  1. Oddly, boredom and existential angst go hand in hand for me.

    I always get so angry with the illness and myself for “allowing” it in when I get sick. It’s like a boredom of the soul. Drives me mad. Hope you’re feeling better.

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