Me vs. Boredom

On my way down to the coast yesterday evening my train was cancelled so I took 3 unplanned ones instead.

Because of this I didn’t always have a seat and I didn’t get much time to do what I love to do on trains which is stare out the window and think up new solutions to whatever conundrum I most feel in the mood to consider (e.g., might I learn to be happier? is there a better way to file? should I live in England for ever? what shall I blog this weekend?)

What I did get a chance to do was watch the ticker tape of incoming emails to my blackberry which is how I spotted this RSS teaser as it crossed my textual path:

“Boredom is your window,” the poet declared. “Once this window opens, don’t try to shut it; on the contrary, throw it wide open.”

How boredom makes us think…

The idea that boredom might not be one of the greatest threats to my personal sanity grabbed my attention. If you followed my guilt-fest of earlier this month, you’ll know I like to keep busy and that one reason for this is that I feel I don’t DESERVE  a rest. What I didn’t mention in that post is that I also keep busy because boredom freaks me out.

For me, any hint of boredom is an immediate watch tower warning that I might be about to get depressed. And we cannot  have this. So we must not get bored. As far as I am concerned, boredom is no more than 2-3 seaweed-slippery, barnacled steps from death.

You may think I exaggerate, but this is what some part of me actually thinks.

The part of me in question is the fearful underbelly of my own personal life logic. When I turn up the volume on the whispering, nagging, deeply held assumptions that this aspect of my mind torments me with and capture these on paper or screen — then yes, in black and white it all becomes clear that some of these thoughts aren’t manageable or sane. But that doesn’t stop them from commanding armies of cooperation amongst my everyday consciousness.

Unfortunately, my new blackberry is rather an antique and no amount of clicking on the link about how great boredom really is, led me to the full article behind that teaser. I just got an error message when I tried.

And so I remain unenlightened. But it’s on the to-do list and as soon I get internet access, I’ll check it out and report straight back.



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3 responses to “Me vs. Boredom

  1. Christine

    I was bored…….so read your blog……..and laughed my head off.
    Love your writing. The more bored you get, the more you write and the more I get to read and enjoy therefore relieving my own boredom which does lead me to depression.
    Thank you!

  2. nathaliehourihan

    The only consolation of my life is that others might laugh along with me. Am SO pleased, lots of love from P-S

  3. My mind can be a scary little place. Sometimes it really is scary to let it wander around too much. :p

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