Stranger coincidences

After yesterday’s cliffhanger I can confirm that the stranger involved in the loss of my blackberry is a thief. Even if they aren’t usually a thief, on Saturday they became one. Oh well. I know nothing else of them. They may have stolen my blackberry for the most noble of causes. They may not even know that they are a thief – perhaps they saw my blackberry lost and lonely and assumed it was their blackberry and threw it in their bag and have yet to work out that now they have two blackberries and by the time they realize this they might be in Iceland and may be miles from the nearest post office and it could be weeks before Michaelangelo (the real name of the actual guy who is responsible for security at London’s Corinthian Hotel) receives the returned blackberry and tracks me down with the good news.

But I think it’s best that I simply accept that it’s more likely that the stranger involved here is actually just a thief and my blackberry is not getting posted back from Iceland.

It’s been an eerie couple of days without access to texts, emails … never mind a phone. But I should have a replacement later today.

The weird coincidental thing about the theme for this past weekend’s Panic Station (if you’re just tuning in now, we’ve been talking about strangers) is that unbeknownst to me The School of Life’s Sunday Sermon yesterday was also about strangers! One of Panic Station’s regular commenters attended the sermon and sent me some photos of it (which because of the whole stolen blackberry thing, I only received when I got to the office this morning.)

Hopefully, as a BIRTHDAY PRESENT TO ME (yes, today is my birthday) she might reply to this post to let us know whether she enjoyed the talk.

For the those of us who missed it (which I reckon is almost everyone reading today’s blog), The Guardian has posted an adaptation of Miranda July’s “sermon” here ….



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6 responses to “Stranger coincidences

  1. Hi Birthday Girl, I sent you a series of brief emails at regular intervals yesterday sharing how the sermon unfolded. Hopefully you received them eventually? The event was about strangers but was incredibly personal and also moving, particularly in the last 10 minutes. Miranda July is original and very human. I met her briefly at the end and one thing about her really stood out: her very clear eyes. They echo her very open soul and way of engaging the world. More power to her and all we gain from her. I’d be happy to share more and hope you like this little birthday gift…I have a bigger one for you too 🙂

  2. Miranda July is my favourite short story writer!

    Happy Birthday 😉

  3. nathaliehourihan

    thank you both! I am ashamed to say that up until Andrea mentioned the Sermon, I had never heard of Miranda July!!! Must investigate pronto

  4. Christine

    You are much too kind. Cynical me thinks the blackberry thief knew exactly what they were doing……….your blackberry was stolen and is gone forever!

  5. Happy (belated) birthday!

    I’ve had one stranger return a cellphone and two strangers steal iPhones. So, sadly, the bad strangers are winning by that particular metric. I hope to not lose anymore phones in order to allow the score to change.

  6. nathaliehourihan

    hey! one of the fun things that happened as a result of my own sad stolen blackberry metric is that the author of Consequential Strangers, the book I blogged about at the time, contacted me! Nifty.

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