Consequential strangers

Today I wait to find out whether a consequential stranger will or will not reunite me with my blackberry which somehow vanished yesterday between 7.35 and 7.50 pm in the stunning Corinthian Hotel near Whitehall in London. It almost ruined our special dinner – this distraction of the missing lifeline. It’s such a mystery what could have happened. Somewhere between the ladies room and a table of two friends waiting for me in the restaurant, the blackberry vanished. The fact that it’s been turned off makes us believe that a stranger is involved in the vanishing.

Because of this logistical handicap I have today, I may not be able to blog what I’d planned to blog – which was dependent on a non-stranger OK-ing a short story about the affect of strangers during the tsunami that hit Thailand the day after Christmas in 2004. All my contact details for this source are with my blackberry and nowhere else.

In the interim, I offer a Sunday Sermon in the form of a 30 minute radio show from NPR where the author of Consequential Strangers talks to us about her book and callers share significant interactions they’ve had with strangers.

Hopefully more later from me and even better, me with my blackberry



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5 responses to “Consequential strangers

  1. Fred

    I think you need to move to apple…. At least you’d have had immediate access to all your data!

  2. Heidi Barry


  3. This, from the author of Consequential Strangers: Soooooo sorry to hear about your phone. I can only imagine. But I appreciate you offering me up to your readers. You, now my consequential stranger, have made my day. Do let me know if you find your phone. I’m a Bberry woman myself!

  4. The information on this post is useful.

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