Morning has broken

Violence and forgiveness, that’s what morning often has in store for me.

Violence in the form of crashing items — a tall stack of books, a glass of water and this morning …the long tray that had been filled to the brim with coinage which is now broken into 3 pieces (given the coins, a particularly loud wake-up.)

Forgiveness in that I know the perpetrators. And I’ve come to accept that scaling my bedroom — particularly the bookcases to the left and the right of my bed is their favourite morning routine. While I think it’s a bit of a stretch to believe that cats experience guilt, I do believe they know about remorse. There’s certainly a hint of it in their expression when I open to my eyes to the latest wreckage.

Their faces say, “Hey! I am only a cat. But, actually I am a bit sorry about that.”

My excuse for using today’s blog to engage in Cat Chat (a real no-no that I do need to monitor) is that I’m tired of the Not-A-Morning-Person accusations. I accept that I am Not-A-Morning-Person but I think the time has come to challenge the idea that Morning People are morally superior.

For many years I did not accept the label Not-A-Morning-Person because I interpreted it to mean someone who is a morning grump, someone you should stay away from in the kitchen. But I am NOT grumpy. I’m just not READY to interact. There’s a big difference.

Or actually, there’s no difference at all if you’re one of those insensitive types who bounds into interactions with someone who hasn’t even had a cup of coffee.

The morning activities of Bruce and Leon have alleviated my inability to show charmed interest in other life forms during the first 60 minutes of consciousness.

First off, they don’t push any of my morning buttons. In fact, I’ve decided that the reason why they’re so clumsy early in the morning is that they too, are struggling. Secondly, they remind me to be ready to FORGIVE others their trespasses. And thirdly, they break me in — their gentler interactions ready me (slightly) for my first human of the day.

But enough about cats! and more on the battle of owls versus larks over the coming days.



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4 responses to “Morning has broken

  1. Charlotte

    I pay Bruce and Leon to poke you and knock over anything that is relatively narrow and tall so when I see you I am not the first noise you hear in the morning!

  2. nathaliehourihan

    Can you add that to the manual of how to manage Nat? It works!

  3. I’m the worst possible kind of person. I can enter into big conversations from the point where I open my eyes. However organised thoughts and arrangements I can’t deal with in the morning. So I’m both a morning person towards non-morning people. And a non-morning person in relation to morning people.

    I know its bad. I know I do to others the same bamboozlement they do unto me. I try to forgive all (including me) their trespasses. This is because changing ones morning behaviour, the time when you haven’t got the filters that come later in the day, is the hardest behaviour to change.

    The real problem with mornings is we don’t have the power to control how they operate on us. We have our working hours and the schedules of others to consider. That’s what makes them hard!

  4. But I am NOT grumpy. I’m just not READY to interact. ~ Yep, that’s me too. Generally a bad idea to tell me anything you want me to remember in the morning. I can be quite efficient but it all requires autopilot. Break my routine or make me think and everyone suffers! I don’t usually get as far as forgiveness though, mostly because I don’t remember anything that happened first thing in the morning once I’ve properly adjusted to wakefulness!

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