Champagne and war stories

Well, it happened. I got my exclusive.

Did you know that BBC news teams head to the frontlines in three’s? The reporter, the producer and the “cameraman” … and that sometimes the last two people are one and the same? Making it a team of two?

Maybe it’s just me but I hadn’t realized just how snug and alone our news catchers are. I’d pictured vans or jeeps with a bit more of a posse. But when we turn on the news at 10 we’re watching reports coming in Tripoli or Cairo or Tunisia that have been chased, packaged together and sent home to us by 3 wolves hunting down what’s really going on.

And newspaper journalists are totally on their own — joining rebel troops on excursions or camping out in hell holes for weeks at a time after the bands of 3 have dispersed and are off with their camera onto the next location.

I asked my journalist friend what’s the most common reaction she gets when people find out what she does for a living. Without pause she said, “a list of complaints about the BBC.”

What a shame.

More champagne enlightenment soon…


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  1. Sounds like a pretty lonely life.

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