Podcast 9/11

Being a part of New York City today makes it impossible not to dedicate this post to 9/11 on the 10th anniversary of those events.

It’s a sunny Sunday morning here and the City is somber and so far quiet.

Remembrance events — private and public, small-scale and massive are scheduled for throughout the day with both Obama and Bush at Ground Zero to join the proceedings.

Opening with the spooky emergency call from flight crew to land support, this is a remarkable library of audio collected over the course of September 11, 2001 as events unfolded. Compiled by the Rutgers Law Review, the podcast captures segments of the final moments of people onboard AA Flight 11; UA Flight 175; AA Flight 77; and UA Flight 93.

It’s not for everybody and plenty of us don’t wish to engage in what happened that day by pouring over the details of it. I learnt what I needed to as I watched what happened live and have since chosen to avoid much of the media frenzy that broke out in the days and weeks and years afterwards.

But this morning I did take a few moments to tune into this archive and take myself back ten years —

From the Aviation News website — here’s a link to the podcast

More later today on fiction, community and getting better acquainted.


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One response to “Podcast 9/11

  1. Fred Schelbaum

    An eerie and sad day. A tragedy almost too big to understand and yet, ten years on, has man learned anything?

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