Me, myself & I

In light of this weekend’s card-playing-related discussions (being alone, being together, small talk and socializing), please take a moment to complete this Panic Station Poll:

Thanks! I’ll use these results to re-calibrate how I’m doing in terms of normality.

A related story to wrap up this weekend’s blog session will follow in a few short hours.

Stay tuned.



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3 responses to “Me, myself & I

  1. Sam

    Answering the poll was interesting. One thing I do want is some more time alone BUT I fear it as well. This would mean thinking about what I like, who I am, what I want to do. For some this may come naturally. For me it is a challenge. Though I need time, I wonder were it would lead me. Where do I want the time to take me?

  2. allison

    I grew up in a family where, although we did a lot of things together, we also spent a lot of time on our own – and I loved it. I really miss being able to find a place where I am surrounded by quiet, where there are no demands on my attention at all and I can just be alone. I am lucky enough to have a garden and I really love the 1/2 hour to hour on a weekend when it is early in the morning, no-one else is awake and I can sit quietly, listening to the sounds of the birds, and the silence and think or NOT think really. It’s one of the few times I can just be still and just enjoy the physical pleasure of being where I am. This is one of the joys of holidays – I always try and factor in at least one holiday a year where I can spend time being alone, otherwise I start to feel all speeded up inside and less able to cope with living in a city.

    • nathaliehourihan

      All speeded up on the inside – a very City state of mind. Also I find myself increasingly intolerant of NOISE — not only can scenic holidays be so restorative on the eye — but it’s the quiet, or rather — as you observe — the smaller, sweeter noises of life like birds and crickets and ocean waves

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