“Be prepared for a strange place”

That’s all the text message said. Nothing else.

It was from my brother. He’d just arrived to the suburbs of Philadelphia to the house of his mother-in-law’s good friends who are generously putting us up during the evacuation of the Jersey Shore this weekend.

It would be the next morning (yesterday) before I’d arrive to see the place for myself. Initially I was pleasantly disappointed, it didn’t seem all that strange to me. At first.

It’s well worth mentioning where we are: Mainline, Penn State. The term refers to a collection of very wealthy towns. It means money. It means old money. It means WASP.

The house protecting us from Irene (now without water and electricity since last night) is packed with Quirkyness and is living proof that some things in the US really are properly historically old.

I’ve been attempting to report live on what the bookcases, Beagles and Cottontails can tell us about the Quirk factor happening here but I’m fighting a blackberry with memory problems so you’ll have to stay tuned.

Over and out for now.


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