Spock & Scratch cards

Currently sitting on the Amtrak Acela Express — booming our way out of New York City before Hurricane Irene hits.

Across from me sit two very well dressed men in their 30’s. They were so polite when they asked if they could join me that I wondered if they’re Mormons. Then one laughed as they sat and said “Hey, if it’s not us – it could be someone a lot worse – this train is going to be packed out today.”As they settled themselves into the seats facing mine, I decide they’re probably a couple — they are impeccably dressed in beautiful Italian suits and they are just too good looking and charming. Ten minutes into the journey and I’ve gathered that they’re colleagues. But in what sort of business I don’t know.

They’ve got their MacBooks out and booted up; they’ve got an iPad streaming some video. They’re planning for a big phonecall that starts when they get off the train (and it’s a Saturday —  Bankers? in the leisure industry?) One sounds Southern, the other Mid-Western. The Southern one seems to be talking in code, “Talked to Louis — he hit blue last night.”

Midwestern: “Cool I just sent you an email about the scratch cards – they aren’t going to be any prizes.” I’m starting to work out what sort of business we might be talking about. But then I get lost again.

MidWestern speaks in a very sexy gravelly voice: “Hey so we’re going for “Chopra’ — very Eastern branding, 10 pounds in 10 days – getting this girl in, making it sexy.”

Southern: “Let’s look at her website — is it Jade? Is she a model or a spokeperson for this?” They ogle over the website, talk about her bio, which TV shows she’s been on.

Southern: “What’s so good is that she’s gone away from that — she’s gone so extreme.”

MidWestern: “Dude, get her on the phone and see if she’ll partner with us.”

And they’re back talking scratch cards. So it’s some sort of gaming business – that’s all I can tell you. In fact – as I typed those words Midwestern says “This is going to be such a great game. Look she lives in Texas – she’ll be awake, call her now. Let’s do ten solids, no returns. And we’ll do the iPad prize”  (By the time I finish this post and read it over, I’ve learnt that their gaming schemes are tied to weight loss programs…but it just seems so wrong to butt in and come straight out and ask them what sort of deal they’re talking about.)

I’m en route to Philadelphia where I’ll be waiting and watching Irene with the rest of us that had planned to be on the Jersey shore this weekend (now evacuated.)

After I posted about Feelings yesterday I was walking down Lexington Ave and popped into Shakespeare & Co looking for a book that they didn’t have.

Instead I came across this card. I bought it for my brother for obvious reasons if you followed the Question of Sport posts last weekend. But I also bought it because what better pin-up for Do-we-really-have-to-have-feelings than Spock? And yesterday’s post was all about feelings.

As I was buying the card I noticed a book at the check-out and I bought that too. The book’s called Who Am I (And If So, How Many). I bought it because I let myself buy as many books as I want whenever I am in USA. I like the feel of the books here and the covers are better than what we have in the UK. I bought it because that’s my sort of title and there was a banner across the book that said “translated into 23 languages with more than one million copies sold.” How come I’d never seen this book before.

After I left with my card and my book I stopped for a coffee (I am on vacation.) I had a flick and then scanned the table of contents and what do I find but a chapter called Mr. Spock in Love: What are feelings? Spooky. Neat. I just love a weird coincidence.

Here’s a quote from that chapter

Feelings are quite simple to explain on a chemical level, but figuring out how they come about, and how they appear and disappear, is no easy matter. Many neuroscientists must entertain fantasies of how much easier things would be if we were more Vulcan – the way Dr. McCoy does on the Enterprise

Never mind many neuroscientists, who wouldn’t find things easier without feelings? Well, on one level — on the other, who really wants to be a Vulcan? The only reason I’d really like to be Spock right now is that I know I’d have no hesitation to interrupt the game boys across from me and inquire into their exact line of business.



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2 responses to “Spock & Scratch cards

  1. Laura

    Fun, coincidences like this I find comforting- Nathalie – go Girl!

  2. Ashley Wiltse

    Maybe the guys were just checking scratch card sites they think would be really helpful in raising up some cash? Aren’t they?

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