Drink this with your coffee

I know that a good few of you have watched this talk from the excellent “research storyteller” Brene Brown before. The first time I took 20 minutes out to watch it I was at work — someone sent around the video. As my friends at work can attest, I get all squirmy if someone suggests a coffee or actually sitting down to lunch, never mind a video break when I am at work. I don’t want to. I want to crack on with what I’m doing. Go away.

But as Brene explains connection is everything and the more you know that and have it, the less time you spend either wondering what the meaning of your life is or numbing yourself out avoiding the question.

So the first the time I watched this video I thought WOW I need to watch that again some time when I have more time.

I finally got around to watching it again this morning. Yesterday’s blog about Friendship Death reminded me that Brene has something important to say about why it always better to have loved and lost.

Brene Brown on the Power of Vulnerability


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