5 minutes of Life (London)

I was on the Hammersmith & City Line this morning. Someone’s headphones were leaking an old favourite.

Apparently quoting from a song invites the threat of paying hefty royalties, but I think I can get away with this:

i didnt kn-w just what was wr-ng with me
till y-ur kiss helped me name it.

cause you make me feel
y-u make me feel
y-u make me feel like a natural w-man (w-man)

I sat staring at the boy seated across from me. He was Asian (in the sense that Brits mean), he was handsome and had a sturdy square jaw, he was tapping his toes and almost imperceptibly bouncing his head along to the beat pumping out from his earphones.

To be honest his look seemed a throw-back to the 80’s to me;

black Rebook-esque shoes,
stonewashed denims,
a tight white t-shirt
and a nice leather jacket with one of those Mandarin collars.

And despite the fact that he was beginning to get a bit fidgety thanks to the duration of my stare, I just couldn’t help it. He seemed the most unlikely sort of person to be blasting this particular Aretha Franklin classic.

He’s SO cool, I thought.

And then suddenly Aretha stood up and jumped off the tube at Paddington. It wasn’t my 80’s boy after all; he kept seated as I jerked my head towards the closing doors to see if I could catch a glimpse of the real Natural Woman Listener.

Taller, skinnier and dressed in a khaki pants and a loud sky blue jumper, A Different Guy skipped off into the distance without turning back.


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One response to “5 minutes of Life (London)

  1. Heidi Barry

    Love it. And the 80s revival is HERE!!! Skinny jeans, neon t-shirts, bubble skirts all over the place on teenagers here…love it!!!

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