Crossing the Blogging finishing line

Day 31! Have made it to the final day of the blogathon — today is the last post of the event. Of course you will still hear from me – but I go weekly from here on out, plus the odd ad hoc musing for sure.

THANKS ALL OF YOU for your comments — most of which were offline or via Facebook or text. Oh, we’re all so shy about money — and even if some of us are less so when we’re with friends, it’s very hard to do cash chat in an online room of strangers. What if your accountant is reading this? Or your mother?!

So since it’s too taboo to come right out and ask you about your income, debt, savings and shopping habits, I shall do this privately.  Please be a part of my research and take part in a totally anonymous quick survey. Link goes out later this week. In return for completing the answers you will receive the report on how you stack up compared with other blog readers.

A few words about the blogathon and blogging …

I was on my last day of a holiday in Mallorca when I came across an invite to join a month of daily blogging where the idea was to swap notes with other blogathoners along the way. Here’s what I learnt:

  • Blogging – especially enforced regular blogging, is a great way to explore a topic you’re writing about in more depth, to tease out the different issues, what you really want to say about them and what sort of thing readers want more/less of
  • If you’re new to blogging, a blogathon is the FASTEST way to force yourself to grasp the technology side of publishing it –
  • Daily blogging is a BIG committment (I don’t have all the technology mastered — apparently, there are ways you can write posts in advance and have them go live later)
  • And yet it’s not half as time consuming per blog post as I thought it would be. Yes, the odd post wrecked my head and took too long to write and I hated it anyway, most were snappy and pain-free (as I’m sure you might be able to tell sometimes)

On that note – before the Psychology of Money series, I was a relatively inexperienced blogger. I’d posted a few blogs here and there. About 6 or 7. A couple in 2008, a few more in 2009 and then I went underground and just wrote with paper and pen for 2010. Blogging invites you to publish immediately without an editor’s eye or friend’s feedback or indeed without the reflective tendencies to clear up your own sentences once you’ve slept on them.

That’s good. And bad.

My early blogs felt juvenile & embarrassing. And as I found my feet, I hated the idea that they’re out there . My poor little baby practice bloggies! But I decided it was good medicine to leave them posted and learn to live with it. At least for a while. So my prize to self for completing the blogging marathon is that today I delete those old posts. So if you didn’t read them, too bad!

Back shortly with more … on the Psychology of Money and other Panic Station considerations.



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One response to “Crossing the Blogging finishing line

  1. Heidi Barry

    LOVED IT NAT!!!!!!! Found your blog so interesting and SO MY LIFE in so many ways…….debt, denial, etc………………
    Can’t wait for the next chapter! xo

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