Psychology of Money: 26

You know when you’re moving about 3x’s faster than your computer – when you’ve opened three more documents you need to look at while your system still chokes on the first and then spazzes out when you get impatient and flick back to another program to attempt to multi-task even if your computer can’t.

It’s been one of those days when the chances that I might act violently towards my technology rose substantially.

The reason for this, of course, is that my laptop can sense that I’m stressed and busy and is trying to tel me to chill. But time is money!

Or that’s what Tim Ferriss would have us believe. My brain doesn’t work that way. I just hate being late and I hate not getting things done when I said I would.

And while I appreciate I’d be having a more manageable day if I already learned how to automate and eliminate as he recommends, time isn’t exactly money, is it? I could borrow a fiver right now, I can’t borrow the 3 extra hours I need before 7pm when there are only 67 minutes left till then.

But if we all started to think about our time as money would we find it easier or more difficult to manage our comittments? I suspect I for one, might make some different choices.

This blog has been brought to you by a woman hurrying up the walk/leap side of the escalator while typing her blog onto her berry before she has to leave the tube station into the lashing rain of a proper thunder storm while not slipping (because none of this is worth death or a head wound, is it?) and taking a phonecall before she is late for her next meeting.  

But there was just no way on earth I was going to fail in my daily blogathon mission so very close to the end of it …



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2 responses to “Psychology of Money: 26

  1. Heidi Barry

    LOVE your commitment……cannot wait for MORE. Very very very interesting Nat! Love, your financial DISASTER buddy 🙂

  2. nathaliehourihan

    Repeat after me, we are not disasters! We are just enmeshed in a dysfunctional set of financial priorities – which we are attending to!

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