Psychology of Money: 6

The question is this – WHY?

Why do I really have to budget?

In the past it’s brought me nothing but pain.

I learned reality was better off avoided. I used to do a budget, realize the obvious (that I was living beyond my means), I would consider advice such as Bill’s (ask for rise, get an extra job, cut down on my expenses and learn to differentiate between a want and a need), but then not do any of them, so I’d go back to my avoiding and spending ways.

Yes, there were crises. At which stage I would borrow from the bank or if they said no, my brother (thank you Marc). But this is the past. Eventually my income caught up with my outgoings. I no longer run out of cash.

So since doing a budget is now less fraught with realities that will cause me to lose sleep at night, I am now more prepared to reconsider the merits of budgetting.

I’ve asked and here’s a summary of why other people think I should invest the energy.

As you can guess I am no longer speaking to the person who mentioned my looks.


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