Psychology of Money: 5

Financial therapist Eileen Gallo offers a 3-d model of money personality:

 And explains that 

“Each of us tends to have different degrees of security or insecurity when dealing with the three dimensions of acquisition, use and management.  For each of us, one or two of these dimensions tend to be more important than the other or others.  This occurs either because your relationship in that dimension is secure and successful or insecure and problem laden.  Even if all of your money relationships are reasonably secure, you are likely to find that one dimension is more important to you than the others.”

Today I am going to start with my weakest link – money management.

Along the range of micro management to chaos I’m on the right hand side. I’d score 8 out of 10. Which is to say I still have some room left over to make my finances more chaotic.

So what do I need to do first? I need to start a Budget and this is where Bill comes into the frame. I can’t tell you how reassuring I found his tone and suggestions. The best bit? He recommends I start by purchasing some new stationery. There isn’t a single reward more likely to motivate me into admin than the promise of new stationery!


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