Psychology of Money: 3

Tomorrow has arrived and I’ve done my bit and yet completing my tax return remains just as un-done. If not more so. Today I walked into a small army of extra steps in the process. After entering my unique reference number (UTR) and my national insurance number I was met by angry, red error messages. I reached for the helpline, chose all the appropriate “press one if” pathways and was greeted by the pleasant tones of a soft-spoken Scotsman. I now believe the tax authority’s call centre to be located inScotland since I was obliged to call back a second time and was greeted by another Scot.

Anyway, it turns out that in addition to my UTR, my national insurance number, my self assessment activation pin, my online ID and my online password I am missing a crucial number without which the gate between my and self-assessment remains barred. There’s a chance I might find this number hand scrawled on a letter sent to me by the tax authorities almost ten years ago, if not there are a series of procedures that await my attention TOMORROW. But put the time and effort today I swear I did.

Procrastinating about taxes isn’t exactly all that hard to understand. Lots of us do it. But how many of us also avoid the sort of admin required to collect money we’re owed? There’s isn’t any area of personal finance management where AVOID isn’t my preferred state of being. Whether it be taxes or claiming back expenses or availing of benefits or working out budgets or opening statements or checking bills or watching my savings grow – I don’t even really remember where my savings are now that I think of it. And this is the subject of TOMORROW’s blog. The nature of being an AVOIDER and other psycho-financial types. Tune in to discover your own pathological profile.


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  1. Heidi Barry

    That’s amazing that you have such a helpful help-line. Ours in the States is AWFUL and takes a half hour to get through to a live person…
    I am definitely a fellow AVOIDER…

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